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Our Story began in 1967 from our farms in Kutch in Gujarat (India) where farming is a challenge due to unfavorable environment conditions. Rooted in the philosophy of holistic healthy living and passion for sustainable planet we encouraged organic farming.

We have diversified production areas across the country facilitated by our own procurement area. This helps in consistent supply of products to the customers. Our process begins from hand – on work with the farmers in the growing fields. Our company is specialized in the production, processing, distribution and exporting of organic products and comes with the vast range of product line.


Since we manage each step right from seed planting, growing, harvesting, cleaning, processing to packing, proper quality controls are in place and the standards are maintained. 


Sattvic is globally reputed brand which has been accredited by APEDA (NPOP National Program for Organic Production), USDA (U.S Department of Agriculture) and FDA registered for Organic Products.



Back to Nature, Organic and Natural way.



Our core purpose & mission is to encourage people to go back to nature and live healthy life by creating awareness of organic products and making them easily available at affordable prices. We do this to make environment disease free & safer place to live in.